Elegant Design + Excellence in Project Management
  • Foundation

    We’ll meet to explore your needs, collaborate on a wishlist, and gather all information required to craft the perfect master plan.

    This initial 90-minute consultation will help us discern if we are ready to move forward with the full project. If so, our consultation rate will be credited to your full project fee.

  • Presentation

    With a process as carefully planned as our outcomes, Liepold Design Group is known for our efficient, detail-oriented project management. Our custom strategy is built to streamline communication, meetings, and decision making. We are truly your trusted partner from concept to completion.

    We have found time and time again that the most successful projects require as much rigor around the upfront planning as they do within the execution. Our strategic planning includes an in-depth review and measurement of your space as well as a comprehensive recommendation of how to best allocate your budget.

    During our presentation, we will provide a detailed timeline, estimates, and vendor recommendations. Our plans are always completely transparent and easily digestible. Throughout our time creating together we want to ensure that we are fully aligned on everything, including all costs and contracts.

  • Creation

    We can’t wait to introduce you to our myriad of design resources, local and international artisan contractors, and to delve into our collaborative vision for your space. We prioritize details like timely itemized reports and regular progress updates.

    While we create something incredible, you will be able to rest easy knowing that we are not only your design experts but also your industry insider and advocate.

  • Completion

    Our installation process is renowned for its efficiency. Many past clients have remarked on how our up-front planning alleviates the exhaustion that usually comes with home renovation. Our strategic approach allows you to enjoy exploring your personal style, discover home furnishings that will travel with you, and transform your home.